37 Best Inflatable Hot Tub Accessories (Must-Haves)

Elevate your inflatable hot tub game with these 37 must-have accessories.

From spa pillows to waterproof Bluetooth speakers, this guide covers it all. First, let’s start with the top 10 best inflatable hot tub accessories that I highly recommend.

Top 10 Best Inflatable Hot Tub Accessories

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🌈 Rank🎉 Accessory💡 Why It’s a Must-HaveTry These
1️⃣Insulated Spa Cover & Kit 🌡️Keeps the water warm, saves energyPureSpa Greywood Deluxe Spa Set
2️⃣LED Underwater Lights 💡Creates a cozy and romantic atmosphereQoolife Submersible LED Lights
3️⃣Spa Booster Seat 🪑Provides extra height for shorter peopleWeighted Hot Tub Booster Seat for Adults
4️⃣Spa Pillow 🛌Extra comfort for head and neckIntex 28501E Hot Tub Removable Inflatable Lounge Headrest
5️⃣Spa Vacuum 🧹Easy cleaning of debris and sedimentKOKIDO Rechargeable Spa Hot Tub Vacuum Essential Kit
6️⃣Towel Warmer 🌞Keeps towels warm for a cozy exitKeenray Towel Warmer
7️⃣Floating Bluetooth Speaker 🎶Listen to music without worrying about water damageBlufree Pool Speaker with Lights
8️⃣Drink Holder 🍹Convenient for holding beverages/snacksIntex PureSpa Cup Holder
9️⃣Privacy Screen 🔒Relax in your private spa zoneWindscreen4less Privacy Fence Screen
🔟Digital Wireless Thermometer 🌡️Monitor water temperature remotelyINKBIRD Floating Wireless Thermometer Set
Chart: Top 10 Best Inflatable Hot Tub Accessories

All 37 Best Accessories for Inflatable Hot Tubs

Inflatable hot tub in a backyard setting with accessories - Best Inflatable Hot Tub Accessories
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Now let’s dive into all 37 of the best inflatable hot tub accessories that are must-haves for your backyard spa.

1. Spa Headrests

Let’s start with the basics, but don’t underestimate the value of a good spa headrest.

It seems simple, yet when you’re soaking in an inflatable hot tub, a headrest can make all the difference between a relaxing soak and a stiff neck. These cushions are often made of waterproof, soft-touch materials that conform to the shape of your head and neck.

Many even come with suction cups to attach securely to the tub wall.

When you’re trying to kick back and forget the stress of the day, a floating head is not ideal—you want that noggin nicely cradled.

A good headrest ensures that you can fully relax without constantly readjusting your posture.

And if you’ve got a tub with hydro jets, the headrest makes it even more comfortable to enjoy the jet pressure without straining your neck.

Simply put, this is one accessory that you should get right from the start.

2. Drink Holders

Ah, hydration (or perhaps a little bit of de-hydration if it’s a cold beer or cocktail).

A drink holder is another simple but essential inflatable hot tub accessory. Who hasn’t experienced the annoyance of having to get out of the hot tub to grab a drink? It’s such a buzzkill.

Drink holders that attach to the side of your hot tub solve this problem in an instant.

They come in all shapes and sizes, from single cup holders to elaborate caddies that can hold snacks and multiple beverages.

Plus, they’re usually made of plastic or rubber materials that float, just in case it slips off.

And pro tip for those who’ve been in a hot tub a time or two—consider holders with space for ice to keep your drink cool, because a lukewarm beverage just doesn’t hit the same.

3. Underwater LED Lights

Why settle for basic when you can have a disco in your tub?

Underwater LED lights not only create a magical atmosphere but also improve visibility when you’re taking an evening dip.

These lights usually come with a variety of settings—different colors, flashing modes, even synchronized music options for the truly adventurous.

The lights are waterproof (obviously) and often battery-operated, making them easy to install and remove.

You’ll find that they add an extra layer of relaxation or, dare I say, romance, to your hot tub experience.

Ever tried watching the lights dance in tune to some chill beats? If you haven’t, you’re missing out.

4. Digital Thermometer

Forget dipping your toe in to check the water temperature; get yourself a digital thermometer.

These gadgets can instantly tell you the water temperature, ensuring that it’s just right before you jump in.

They can be floating devices or even connect via Bluetooth to a smartphone app that alerts you when your desired temperature is reached.

Some thermometers come integrated with additional features, like pH levels and filtration status, for those who love to micromanage every aspect of their hot tub experience. In the long run, it’s not just about comfort but also safety.

Too hot can be a health risk, and too cold is just no fun.

5. Floating Bluetooth Speaker

When it comes to creating a spa-like atmosphere, the power of music can’t be ignored.

But you don’t want to risk your smartphone getting splashed or dropped into the water. Enter the floating Bluetooth speaker.

These waterproof wonders can float right beside you as they pump out your favorite tunes.

Most of these speakers have decent battery life, and some even come with a built-in light show to complement the underwater LED lights.

Be sure to check for speakers with good bass and clear sound quality.

And for those who’ve tried balancing a non-waterproof speaker on the edge of the tub—don’t.

Just get one of these floating beauties — you’ll thank me later.

Floating Bluetooth speaker
I made this image with AI – Best Inflatable Hot Tub Accessories

6. Scum-Busting Balls

Yeah, I said it—scum-busting balls! These tiny but mighty little orbs are a godsend for keeping your hot tub clean.

Typically made of a sponge-like material, these balls attract oils, lotions, and other types of gunk that can accumulate in your hot tub water.

Simply toss one or two in, and let them do their job.

You’ll find your filters lasting longer and your water staying clearer. Plus, they can be easily cleaned and reused.

This is one of those insider tips that might not be on everyone’s radar but should be.

7. Spa Bar and Tray

Okay, so you’ve got your drink holder, but what about those nachos or that fruit plate?

A spa bar and tray can turn your hot tub into a veritable party zone.

These attachable trays sit over the edge of your hot tub and can hold anything from snacks to candles to that novel you’ve been meaning to read.

They’re usually adjustable and made from waterproof materials, so you don’t have to worry about it getting soggy or falling apart.

So, go ahead, make it a full-on tapas evening in your inflatable spa. You deserve it.

8. Hot Tub Booster Seat

For those not blessed with towering height—or those who just want a different perspective—a hot tub booster seat is a game-changer.

These seats are designed to give you a lift in the water, allowing you to sit higher and get a better soak in those hydro jets or simply have a more comfortable view over the edge of the tub.

They’re generally made from heavy-duty, water-resistant materials and often come with suction cups to keep them in place.

Plus, they can be filled with water to ensure they stay submerged.

Trust me, once you try one, you’ll wonder how you ever hot-tubbed without it.

9. Solar Cover

Placed over the top of your hot tub, these covers use the sun’s energy to naturally heat the water.

This not only saves you energy costs but also helps to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the day.

Some of the more advanced models even have bubble-wrap-like textures to capture more heat.

Plus, it keeps out leaves, dirt, and other debris, making your hot-tubbing experience that much more enjoyable.

10. Hot Tub Steps

Getting in and out of a hot tub might seem like a minor detail until you try doing it gracefully.

Hot tub steps offer you a sturdy, non-slip platform to make your entry and exit as elegant as possible.

You don’t want to be that person who topples over getting into the tub, trust me.

They come in various materials like plastic or wood and are designed to withstand the elements.

Some even have storage compartments for you to keep towels, flip-flops, or other small items.

This is a small investment for a big upgrade in your hot tub lifestyle.

Lighted steps around an inflatable hot tub
I made this image with AI – Best Inflatable Hot Tub Accessories

11. Towel Warmer

Just because you’re warm and toasty in the hot tub doesn’t mean you’ll stay that way once you get out, especially during colder months.

A towel warmer is the epitome of luxury. Imagine wrapping yourself in a hot towel right after you exit the tub.

It’s like a hug for your whole body.

These warmers often come as freestanding units or can be wall-mounted near your tub. If you haven’t tried this yet, you don’t know what you’re missing.

12. Aromatherapy Scents

Your nose needs pampering, too.

Inflatable hot tub-compatible aromatherapy scents come in various forms—crystals, oils, or even beads that you can put in a scent tray.

From lavender to eucalyptus, these fragrances can take your relaxation to a whole new level.

It’s a sensory experience that complements the physical relaxation of the hot tub.

Just remember to use products specifically designed for hot tubs, so you don’t mess up your water chemistry.

13. Waterproof Playing Cards

Who said hot tubs are only for soaking?

Turn your inflatable spa into a game night venue with waterproof playing cards.

These are exactly what they sound like—playing cards made from waterproof material, allowing you to enjoy a game of poker, Go Fish, or whatever your card game of choice is, without worrying about soggy cards.

Just keep in mind that if you’re combining this with the drink holder, someone’s going to have to be the designated card dealer.

14. Handheld Spa Vacuum

Cleaning is a necessary evil when it comes to maintaining your hot tub, but a handheld spa vacuum can make this task a whole lot easier.

Manual or battery-operated, these vacuums are designed to pick up debris, sand, and even small stones that can find their way into your tub.

They’re generally lightweight, easy to maneuver, and some even have water jets for additional cleaning power.

For anyone who’s tried to scoop out leaves or debris with a net, this little gadget will feel like a godsend.

15. Spa Side Umbrella

Sun is great; sunburn, not so much.

A spa side umbrella can provide much-needed shade when you’re enjoying your hot tub during the day.

These umbrellas are specially designed to be corrosion-resistant and to withstand winds, ensuring they’re as durable as they are functional.

They can usually rotate and tilt to give you optimal coverage no matter where the sun is in the sky.

Now, you can enjoy your hot tub even during the peak sun hours without worrying about getting toasted—unless, of course, you have that cold beer from your drink holder.

16. Slip-Resistant Bath Mat

Safety first, especially when you’re dealing with water.

A slip-resistant bath mat placed just outside your hot tub can save you from accidental slips and falls.

These mats usually have a rubberized bottom for grip and a soft, absorbent top to dry your feet as you step out.

Plus, they’re easy to wash and dry, making them a practical addition to your hot tub setup.

So, next time you hop out of your hot tub, you’ll have a soft and safe landing spot.

17. Remote-Controlled Snack and Drink Float

Why settle for stationary drink holders when you can have a remote-controlled snack and drink float?

This high-tech toy lets you navigate a small floating tray around your hot tub, delivering drinks and snacks to everyone in the tub without anyone having to get up.

It’s not just functional — it’s also a great party trick.

Your guests will be amused, and your snacks will travel in style.

Floating remote-controlled snack and drink caddy
I made this image with AI – Best hot tub accessories

18. Insulated Spa Blanket

You might be thinking, “Why would I need a blanket in a hot tub?”

Well, an insulated spa blanket serves a dual purpose: it helps to keep the heat in when the tub is not in use, and it can also act as an additional barrier against debris.

Just lay it directly on the water surface under your regular cover.

This can be particularly useful in colder months when you want to preserve as much heat as possible.

Plus, it helps extend the life of your primary hot tub cover by reducing the amount of condensation it has to deal with.

19. Clip-On Spa Side Table

While a spa bar and tray are great for snacks, a clip-on spa side table offers a sturdier and more permanent solution for keeping your essentials within reach.

Think of it as the difference between a TV dinner tray and a dining table.

Clip it onto the side of your hot tub, and you have an instant platform for everything from drinks and snacks to books and tablets.

Some even come with built-in compartments for additional storage.

It’s one of those things that, once you have it, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

20. Adjustable Waterfall Fountain

A waterfall fountain isn’t just aesthetically pleasing; it also adds a soothing auditory experience to your soak.

These fountains attach to your hot tub’s inlet nozzle and have adjustable heights and directions, letting you customize the flow.

The sound of falling water has a calming effect, making your hot tub experience even more tranquil.

Plus, if your hot tub doesn’t have built-in hydrotherapy jets, a waterfall fountain can offer a mild form of water pressure for a massage-like effect.

21. LED Light Show Projector

How about turning your nightly soak into a visual spectacle?

An LED light show projector can cast vibrant colors and patterns onto the walls of your hot tub, creating a mesmerizing effect.

These projectors are typically waterproof and battery-operated, making them safe and easy to use.

Whether you’re in the mood for a romantic evening or a lively party, there’s likely a light setting that suits your vibe.

Floating Projector in an inflatable hot tub
I made this image with AI – Best Hot Tub Accessories

22. Solar-Powered Floating Speaker

If you’re a music lover, a solar-powered floating speaker is a must-have.

Charge it during the day, and it’s ready to play your favorite tunes by the time you dip into the tub.

The floating design ensures it can bob along beside you, providing a soundtrack to your relaxation without any messy cords or the fear of electrocution.

23. Digital Wireless Thermometer

While most hot tubs come with built-in thermometers, a digital wireless one allows you to monitor the temperature from the grill.

This means you can check if the tub is ready without having to lift the lid and feel the water, keeping the heat in and saving you energy in the long run.

Besides, it’s just really cool to have a gadget that lets you know when it’s time to hop in.

24. Spa Pillow with Suction Cups

While booster seats give your body a lift, a spa pillow provides that extra support for your neck and head.

These pillows come with suction cups so you can attach them to the side of the tub exactly where you need them.

Some even offer contoured designs for ergonomic support.

It’s like having a first-class seat in your very own hot tub.

25. Antimicrobial Filters

These aren’t your run-of-the-mill filters.

Antimicrobial filters not only trap debris but also inhibit the growth of bacteria and mold on the filter itself.

This provides an extra layer of protection for your water, helping to keep it as clean and healthy as possible.

If you’re serious about maintenance, these filters are a wise investment.

26. Towel Rack

You might have a towel warmer, but where do you keep the extra towels or the ones you’re not using right now?

A towel rack placed near your hot tub is both practical and stylish, allowing you to keep your towels organized and within reach.

These racks often come in weather-resistant materials, making them a long-lasting addition to your hot tub area.

27. UV Sanitizer Wand

For those extra concerned about cleanliness, a UV sanitizer wand allows you to disinfect your hot tub accessories.

Accessories like your drink holder, tray, or even the surrounding areas.

A quick pass with the wand and any bacteria or germs are effectively killed, offering peace of mind, especially when you have guests using the tub.

28. Floating Game Board

Who says you can’t have a full-on board game session in a hot tub?

Floating game boards exist for this very reason.

Whether it’s checkers, chess, or any other board game that can be adapted to this format, a floating game board can make it happen.

Just make sure you’re not too relaxed; you don’t want to make a bad move and lose the game.

29. Inflatable Spa Cushions

If you have kids or shorter adults who find the hot tub a bit too deep for comfort, inflatable spa cushions can provide that needed boost.

Unlike booster seats, these cushions are inflatable, making them easier to store and adjustable in terms of height.

Kids find them fun to sit on, which is always a bonus.

30. Hot Tub Net Skimmer

While vacuums are great for heavy-duty cleaning, a net skimmer is ideal for quick touch-ups.

Whether it’s leaves that have blown in or floating debris, a quick sweep with the skimmer can keep your water looking pristine.

This is one of those accessories that you might underestimate until you realize just how often you use it.

31. Eco-Friendly Water Conditioner

Sustainability is a way of life.

An eco-friendly water conditioner can help you maintain water quality without the harsh chemicals that traditional conditioners often contain.

These usually come in the form of mineral sticks or balls that you can simply drop into your tub’s filter.

They last for months and are reusable, making them a win-win for both the environment and your pocket.

32. Retractable Privacy Screen

For those who crave a bit of seclusion while enjoying their hot tub, a retractable privacy screen is an elegant solution.

These screens can be mounted on one or multiple sides of your hot tub,

Then, they can be pulled out when needed, providing a barrier between you and prying eyes—or even just the afternoon sun.

They’re weather-resistant and easily retractable, ensuring convenience along with privacy.

33. Automatic Water Level Controller

It’s easy to forget about maintaining the right water level in your hot tub, especially if you’re using it frequently or have a lot of guests.

An automatic water level controller does the thinking for you.

It monitors the water level and refills the tub as needed.

This ensures that the water level is always optimal for both safety and performance, freeing you from the task of having to check and refill it manually.

34. Fitness Resistance Bands

Who says you can’t multitask while enjoying your hot tub?

Attachable fitness resistance bands can turn your relaxation time into a productive workout session.

You can attach these bands to the sides of your hot tub and perform a variety of exercises, from arm curls to leg extensions.

The hot water helps to relax your muscles, making the workout feel less strenuous while still being effective.

35. Inflatable Spa Bar with LED Lights

Take your floating snack bar to the next level by opting for one with LED lights.

This combines the utility of a snack bar with the ambiance of a light show.

Imagine the convenience of having snacks and drinks at arm’s reach, illuminated by a soft glow that complements the mood.

It’s a unique twist on an already popular accessory.

36. Mood-Setting Essential Oil Diffuser

For aromatherapy lovers, a specialized essential oil diffuser designed for hot tubs can elevate your experience.

Unlike traditional oils or scents that can mix with the water, this diffuser releases a fine mist above the water’s surface.

This allows you to switch between different oils without having to drain or clean the tub.

And offers a more versatile aromatherapy experience.

37. Hot Tub Cinema Screen

Last but not least, for those who truly want to turn their hot tub into an entertainment hub, consider adding a waterproof cinema screen.

These screens can either float on the water or be mounted nearby, allowing you to watch your favorite movies or shows while you soak.

Combine this with your waterproof floating speaker, and you’ve got yourself a full-fledged home theater in your hot tub.

Here is a good video about some of the best inflatable hot tub accessories that you need:

YouTube Video by X-Stream – Best Inflatable Hot Tub Accessories

Final Thoughts: Best Inflatable Hot Tub Accessories

Your hot tub won’t just be a hot tub anymore—it’ll be a five-star spa experience in your own backyard.

For more ways to elevate everyday living, splash over to our other fabulous articles. Wink, wink!

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