Blow Up Unicorns: Setup, Cost, and Ultimate Guide in 2024

Blow up unicorns are both whimsical pool toys and an essential part of any summer fun collection. As a seasoned user and a go-to advisor for all things inflatable, I’m here to guide you through everything from selection to maintenance.

What Is a Blow Up Unicorn?

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A blow up unicorn is a type of inflatable toy that’s designed to bring magic and joy to various settings, from pool parties to festival decorations.

Made from durable PVC or vinyl, these unicorns come in various sizes and customizations.

They can be used as floatation devices, party decorations, or even just for imaginative play.

The charm of a blow up unicorn lies in its appeal across age groups. Not just for kids, adults too find joy in these fantastical creatures. Their easy-to-use, portable nature makes them a popular choice for adding a spark of enchantment to any occasion.

Each unicorn typically features a large body with a pointy, spiraled horn, often brightly colored and adorned with details like stars, rainbows, or glitter.

Some models include handles or other elements to enhance stability and safety when floating.

List and Explain Different Types of Blow Up Unicorns

Blow up unicorns come in a myriad of forms, each suited to different preferences and uses:

  • Standard Pool Floats: These are the most common types, perfect for lounging in the pool. They usually accommodate one or two people and are equipped with one or more air chambers for safety.
  • Ride-On Unicorns: Designed for more active use, these can handle rougher play and often come with handles to grip when riding the waves.
  • Giant Unicorns: These massive inflatables can hold multiple people, making them ideal for group interactions in bigger pools or lakes.
  • Illuminated Unicorns: Some unicorns feature built-in LED lights, which make them a hit for nighttime pool parties and add an extra element of fantasy.

Each type offers a unique way to experience the joy and utility of a blow up unicorn, depending on your needs and the setting in which it will be used.

How They Work

Blow up unicorns are quite straightforward in their operation. They are equipped with one or more air valves through which they can be inflated by mouth, pump, or electric air compressor. Here’s the typical setup:

  1. Inflation: Start by opening the valve cap and connect your air pump. Fill until firm.
  2. Seal the Valve: Once inflated, the air needs to be sealed in by tightly closing the valve cap to prevent any leaks.
  3. Use: After inflation, the unicorn is ready for use in water or as a decorative piece.
  4. Deflation: When it’s time to pack up, simply open the valve to release the air and press on the unicorn to expel air more quickly.

The internal structure typically includes several air chambers to ensure stability and safety, so even if one section deflates, the toy remains functional.

Pros and Cons


  • Portability: Easily deflatable and lightweight, making them great for travel.
  • Affordability: Most models are cost-effective, especially considering their versatility and appeal.
  • Fun Factor: They add a whimsical touch to any setting, enhancing the fun of poolside gatherings and beach days.


  • Durability Issues: Some cheaper models may not withstand repeated use or rough handling.
  • Safety Concerns: Without proper supervision, they can pose risks, particularly for younger children.
  • Space Requirements: When fully inflated, large models require significant space, which might not be feasible for smaller pools or areas.

Understanding these pros and cons will help you make an informed decision about whether a blow up unicorn is right for your needs and what type to invest in.

Here is a video with a complete unboxing and test of a blow up unicorn pool float:

YouTube Video by Reviews Unscripted — Blow Up Unicorns

How to Set Up a Blow Up Unicorn

Setting up a blow up unicorn is generally simple, but ensuring it’s done correctly can extend the life of your inflatable and make your experience much safer and more enjoyable.

Here’s how to do it in a few easy steps:

  1. Choose a Flat Surface: Before inflating, lay the unicorn out on a flat, clean surface to avoid punctures.
  2. Inflate: Use a manual or electric pump to avoid over-inflation, which can stress the seams.
  3. Check for Leaks: Once inflated, give it a thorough look to ensure there are no air leaks, which can be patched with a repair kit if needed.

By following these steps, you’ll ensure your blow up unicorn is set up for maximum enjoyment and safety.

Maintenance & Storage

Maintaining your blow up unicorn involves regular cleaning and proper storage:

  1. Cleaning: Rinse with fresh water after use, especially if used in chlorinated pools or saltwater, and dry completely to
  2. Storage: Deflate it fully, fold it carefully without sharp bends, and store in a cool, dry place. Avoid places where it might be exposed to heat or sharp objects.

Regular checks for any signs of wear or punctures are crucial. Repair kits are useful for fixing minor damages to prolong the life of your unicorn.


The cost of blow up unicorns can vary widely based on size, design, and features.

Basic models might start as low as $10-$20, which typically covers small, simple designs suitable for individual kids. Mid-range models, which may include features like cup holders or multiple seats, can range from $30 to $50.

High-end or specialty models, especially those designed for multiple users or with features like illumination, can cost $100 or more.

When considering a purchase, think about the longevity and the features you need.

Investing more initially can often lead to savings over time by reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Where to Buy Inflatable Unicorns

Blow up unicorns are available at a variety of retailers:

  • Online Marketplaces: Websites like Amazon, eBay, or specialty pool supply stores offer a wide range of options with customer reviews that help gauge product quality.
  • Local Stores: Big-box retailers, toy stores, and sporting goods stores often carry these items, especially in seasonal sections during the summer.
  • Direct from Manufacturers: Buying directly can sometimes offer the best prices and exclusive models not available elsewhere.

Always check for warranties or return policies, especially when purchasing higher-priced items or buying online.

20 Creative Uses

Beyond just floating around in a pool, here are ten creative ways to use blow up unicorns:

  1. Beach Days: Bring it to the beach for a comfy sunbathing spot or a fun photo prop.
  2. Festival or Party Decor: Use them as enchanting decorations for parties or festivals.
  3. Children’s Play Areas: Great for imaginative play sessions indoors or out.
  4. Movie Nights: Float in the pool while watching outdoor movies.
  5. Yoga Sessions: For a playful twist, try yoga poses on a stable unicorn in the water.
  6. Pet Fun: Smaller pets might enjoy lounging on a unicorn in shallow water under supervision.
  7. Garden Feature: Inflate it for a whimsical garden party centerpiece.
  8. Craft Projects: Decorate a unicorn for themed events or competitions.
  9. Learning to Swim: Help young swimmers feel secure as they learn to navigate the water.
  10. Photography: Create dreamy, magical backdrops for photoshoots.
  11. Water Relay Races: Use inflatable unicorns for team relay races in the pool. Each team member rides from one end of the pool to the other, swapping riders without touching the pool sides.
  12. Outdoor Seating: Inflate several unicorns for a magical and whimsical outdoor seating arrangement at a children’s party or casual gathering.
  13. Themed Fitness Class: Incorporate inflatable unicorns into a pool-based fitness class, using them for exercises like mounted kicks or aquatic aerobics.
  14. Wedding Decor: Create an enchanting atmosphere by decorating a wedding venue or reception area with elegantly adorned inflatable unicorns.
  15. Art Installations: Artists can use inflatable unicorns as part of larger installations or performance art pieces, especially in settings that explore themes of fantasy or childhood.
  16. Storefront Displays: Retailers can use inflatable unicorns in their window displays or inside the store to attract customers, especially during promotions of related products like beach gear or children’s toys.
  17. Camping Trips: Bring a compact, deflated unicorn on camping trips to use as a floatation device in nearby lakes or as a fun campsite marker.
  18. DIY Obstacle Course: Create a backyard obstacle course that includes riding or maneuvering around inflatable unicorns, perfect for kids’ birthday parties.
  19. Floating Picnic Table: Secure a lightweight, waterproof platform atop a large inflatable unicorn to create a floating picnic table for snacks and drinks in the pool.
  20. Educational Tool: Use inflatable unicorns in classrooms or educational settings to teach children about balance and buoyancy in a fun and engaging way.

What Is a Blow Up Unicorn Costume?

A blow up unicorn costume is a type of inflatable attire that transforms the wearer into a life-sized unicorn.

This costume usually consists of a large, inflated body that covers the torso and legs of the user, leaving only the head, arms, and feet exposed. It is powered by a battery-operated fan that keeps the costume inflated while it is being worn.

The main appeal of a blow up unicorn costume lies in its dramatic and humorous effect.

Perfect for parties, Halloween, or any costume event, these costumes are designed to be both eye-catching and comfortable. They typically feature vibrant colors and details like a spiraled horn, flowing mane, and a tail, capturing the whimsical nature of unicorns.

The costume is made from lightweight, durable materials like polyester or nylon, which are resistant to rips and tears.

It is easy to wear, as the fan inflates the costume in seconds. Once inflated, the costume offers the wearer flexibility and mobility, making it an ideal choice for active use at social gatherings.

What Is a Blow Up Unicorn Sprinkler?

A blow up unicorn sprinkler is an inflatable unicorn that doubles as a water sprinkler for outdoor fun.

Standing several feet tall, these sprinklers are typically designed to look like a cartoonish unicorn with a large, colorful mane and a spiraled horn from which water sprays.

To use a blow up unicorn sprinkler, you simply inflate the unit and connect it to a garden hose.

Water is then pumped through the hose and exits through strategically placed nozzles on the unicorn, creating a spray or a series of jets.

The water typically sprays out from the horn or from various points along the mane and tail, providing cooling fun and entertainment for kids and adults alike.

These sprinklers are not only functional as a way to cool off but also serve as a delightful decoration for any backyard or outdoor area.

The size and playful design make them a hit at children’s parties, family gatherings, or as a day-to-day summer lawn feature.

They are made from durable, water-resistant materials that can withstand exposure to sun and play, making them a durable choice for seasonal fun.


Q: How long does it take to inflate a blow up unicorn?

A: It depends on the size and the pump used, but typically, it takes between 3 to 10 minutes.

Q: Are blow up unicorns safe for toddlers?

A: They can be, under constant adult supervision and in safe, shallow water.

Q: How do I know if my blow up unicorn has a slow leak?

A: You might notice it losing firmness quicker than usual. Listen closely for escaping air or apply soapy water to suspect areas to see if bubbles form.

Q: Can blow up unicorns be used in the ocean?

A: Yes, but it’s best to use them close to shore and keep a careful watch due to tides and waves.

Q: What is the best way to repair a puncture in a blow up unicorn?

A: Clean and dry the area, apply an adhesive patch from a repair kit, and allow it to cure as directed before reinflating.

Final Thoughts: Blow Up Unicorns

I hope this guide helps you create an unforgettable experience at a pool, birthday party, or costume event.

Don’t forget to check out some of our other great inflatable guides before you go.

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